For some reason, there are those in the hobbyist community that develop a hang-up over who enters and for whom they enter. I have seen so much nonsensical flack over people who enter friends and family in a contest is somehow “cheating” when it really isn’t.

Read and follow the rules! Somebody entering a friend or a mother or a brother that has a unique address, phone number, email address along with all other information is NOT cheating. It is good old fashioned neighborly love. I caution those that do enter others besides themselves to have an agreement ahead of time on what happens with the prize. Don’t expect a friend that you entered to take you on that dream vacation to Mexico if you didn’t agree on those conditions ahead of time.

As an example, we have an Aunt in Montreal that is in her late 70s and considered to be legally blind. She still loves to go to live shows and orchestra venues. We enter her in many local Montreal newspaper, TV and radio contests that are available online. She does not own a computer or have access to the internet and neither of those are requirements in the rules to enter or win the contests. In fact I have not seen an online contest that does require those things in the rules in order to be a winner – and we likely never will because that would be just stupid.

So, our aunt gets to enjoy a few free shows every year as a part of our entering efforts.

The other item that has never appeared in the rules for an online, mail-in or ballot-based sweepstakes is any requirement for the person filling in the ballot to fill only their own name and address information on that ballot. Last I checked, North America is made up of several free nations that allow their citizens to live and work within their rules and laws. Nobody has outlawed or written any rules against being a good friend or a good relative by trying to tell entrants that they cannot post entries for their fellows. That would be just foolish and likely reduce the value of a promotion to Nil.

Good Luck and Good Winning.