Odds for the July Hot Dog Eating Contest…

July 4, 2006

The ultimate contest
pitting man against frankfurter, Nathan's Famous Fourth of July
International Hot Dog Eating Contest has been a staple on America's
birthday since 1916. With the "Super Bowl of competitive eating" only days
away, PinnacleSports.com today released odds on the world's most famous
eating contest and lists reigning five-time champion, Takeru Kobayashi as
an overwhelming favorite to successfully defend his title.
    The largest sportsbook on the Internet, PinnacleSports.com has expanded
its sports betting menu into the competitive eating arena by posting
several betting options on the most intense 12 minutes of eating to be
witnessed this year. The greatest eater in history and world record holder
at the Nathan's event, Takeru Kobayashi has been installed as an
overwhelming favorite at 1/3 odds (i.e., win $1 for every $3 bet) to
capture the Mustard Yellow Championship Belt for the sixth straight year.
    PinnacleSports.com believes Joey Chestnut, who devoured 50 hot dogs in
qualifying, will present the biggest challenge to Kobayashi, listing him
with the second-best odds to win the contest at 3/1. Sonya Thomas may
appear slight in stature, but proved her bite is bigger than her bark with
a second place finish in 2005 by devouring 37 dogs, and at 21/1 has the
third best odds to win this year's event.
    "When people discuss individual dominance in sports they usually
mention Lance Armstrong's seven Tour de France titles or Tiger Woods' 10
major championships, but Kobayashi's consecutive win streak at Coney Island
is equally impressive," said Simon Noble of PinnacleSports.com. "Although
Joey Chestnut is having an amazing year on the competitive eating circuit
and set a new American record with 50 hot dogs, it's unlikely he'll be able
to unseat the great Kobayashi. Champions respond under pressure, and like
Jordan and Elway before him, Kobayashi is the most clutch performer in
eating history."
    In addition to calculating odds on who'll win the contest,
PinnacleSports.com has created several other betting options on the world's
most prestigious eating competition. Although the oddsmakers favor the
winner consuming at least 50 hot dogs and buns at 5/8 odds, they believe
Kobayashi's world record of 53 1/2 frankfurters will be safe for at least
another year, listing a new standard being set as a 9/4 underdog. Bettors
may also wager on unique over/under lines on the number of hot dogs the
three favorites will eat in this year's contest. The over/under line for
Kobayashi's total has been set at 50 hot dogs and buns, while Chestnut's
total is 45 and Thomas' has been set at 37.
    PinnacleSports.com has also created unique match-ups between eaters
participating in this year's event. For a complete list of odds, please
visit the "competitive eating" section at http://www.pinnaclesports.com .
    Current Odds:    *All Odds Subject To Change*

Odds To Win Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest
    Takeru Kobayashi        1/3
    Joey Chestnut           3/1
    Sonya Thomas           21/1
    Chip Simpson          100/1
    Patrick Bertoletti    100/1
    Bob Shoudt            100/1
    Rich LeFevre          100/1
    Brian Subich          150/1
    Tim Janus             150/1
    Eric Booker           150/1
    Ed Jarvis             150/1
    Any Other Eater        10/1

Will The Record Of 53.5 Hot Dogs Be Broken?
    No                      2/5
    Yes                     9/4

Will The Winner Eat At Least 50 Hot Dogs?
    Yes                     5/8
    No                      3/2

Total Hot Dogs Eaten By Kobayashi
    Over 50 hot dogs      10/13
    Under 50 hot dogs       6/5

Total Hot Dogs Eaten By Chestnut
    Over 45 hot dogs        5/8
    Under 45 hot dogs       3/2

Total Hot Dogs Eaten By Thomas
    Over 37 hot dogs        5/6
    Under 37 hot dogs     11/10

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