June 21, 2006

Today at
VON Israel http://www.von.com/israel06/ , Internet Communications pioneer
and entrepreneur, Jeff Pulver, announced the winner of the "Save the Net"
Viral Ad Contest.
    "Congratulations to Chris Burke for winning the $1,000 prize in our
'Save the Net' Viral Ad Contest. We intend to use the submission to spread
the word in policy circles to ensure that government crafts policy that
best advances the open Internet to allow for maximum creativity and
innovation," stated Pulver.
    Chris' winning entry is available at:
    Pulver also announced the launch of Round II of the "Save the Net"
Contest, with an even larger prize of $5,000. Submissions may consist of
videos, songs, poems, cartoons, flash media, or any other clever ideas that
could demonstrate what the Internet could become with a user-empowering
policy framework. Resubmissions or revised submissions are acceptable. The
goal is to get as many cool ideas out there as possible, to harness the
individual and collective genius of the Internet community, to show
policymakers and the public what the open Internet could become through
end-user empowerment, and to become a marketing force to advance the open
    Please make submissions to http://www.pulver.com/savethenet by August
31, 2006. The winner will be announced at Fall VON - http://www.von.com in
Boston, September 11-14, 2006.
    About Jeff Pulver
    Jeff Pulver is one of the true pioneers of the Internet telephony/VoIP
industry with more than a decade of hands-on experience in IP
Communications and innovation. He is the chairman of pulver.com,
pulvermedia, the industry standard VON conferences, and the publisher of
The Pulver Report and VON magazine. Additionally, Mr. Pulver is the founder
of a number of IP Communications companies. Mr. Pulver has testified before
the FCC, the United States Congress, and numerous agencies that have a
growing interest in IP Communications. Mr. Pulver is committed to the
future of IP Communications and is featured often in the media as a true
expert in his field.

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