’s Speeding Excuses Contest

June 14, 2006

Let's be honest; we've all had that
painful moment when we've had to hand over our license to a police officer
and explain why we were doing, er, extra-legal speed. Every so often, the
right words pop out of your mouth that touches the officer's heart and gets
you off with no more than a warning. Maybe you'd like to share that special
story with the readers of The best -- real -- excuse
will win some big prizes, including the hot new Garmin StreetPilot 2730
navigation/traffic/XM/MP3 system, as part of the 3rd Speeding Excuses
    It's easy to enter. Just visit TheCarConnection at for complete rules and the entry form.
    There are plenty of other reasons to visit this
week. Catch spy shots of the GMC Acadia SUV/crossover, as well as a sneak
peek at the new BMW M3 Coupe.
    Check out TheCarConnection's test drive of the next-generation Acura
RDX and Nissan's new NISMO Frontier.
    Then find out more about the odd NASCAR-Scientology connection - it's
on our blog, TCConfidential.
    Rising fuel prices and concerns about global warming are increasing
interest in alternate technology, like fuel cells and hybrid-electric
vehicles, along with alternative fuels, such as ethanol, diesel and
hydrogen. Join as it visits the 8th Challenge
Bibendum, the Parisian gathering of some of the world's cleanest and most
fuel-efficient automotive technology. Is there a "silver bullet" in the
auto industry's future?
    In business news, get more on the situation at Delphi, which is still
staggering under Chapter 11 paperwork. See what's shaking as a shaken-up
United Auto Workers Union meets to elect new leaders. And find out why
Buick is betting big on the Enclave.
    Let OnSite Mechanic Bob Weber answer your questions about servicing and
maintaining your car.
    Get accurate pricing information and great dealer quotes. Find where
J.D. Power's quality circles rank your favorite car, truck or crossover.
    Sign up for TCC's free newsletters, including award-winning Daily
    Web users can access TheCarConnection through the PR Newswire site .

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