Click Watch Win! lots of prizes to be won here!!!

June 14, 2006

A new online contest portal,
ClickWatchWin, is professionalizing the million pixel phenomenon with the
introduction of 1for15, the first online contest built around the
consumption of third-party rich media. Spearheading an evolution in online
advertising, the 1for15 contest ties the consumption of television-quality
online video advertising to contest-driven incentives that ensure
exclusive, captive communication with contestants. The contest is backed by
leading advertisers, and will give away prizes including computers, college
tuition, new cars and cash, including the grand prize contest -- a chance
to win a million dollars in just 15 seconds.
    "Banner ads work, but there is a more effective way to reach and impact
key demographics, particularly young adults and college students," said
Julio Cacoilo, CEO of 1for15. "Consumers want to interact with advertising
on their own terms, and our incentives help capture their attention,
yielding tangible ROI and significantly higher brand retention. 1for15 was
designed from the ground up to provide good value to both contestants and
advertisers, and competing is fun." -- Delivering Captive Audience and Key Demographic Results
    This first-of-its-kind contest combines the best features of a prize
and marketing site to bring families and friends together to rally and win
prizes. Entering is easy-consumers simply register at and are
taken to the contest board. Consumers can click anywhere on the contest
board, where they watch a short, 15 second advertising video or sponsorship
description. One pixel each day will be randomly selected as the winning
pixel, and all users that click on that pixel will have a chance to win a
prize. Registered consumers play as often as they wish, and every time they
click a new pixel, they watch another ad and have another chance to win.
    "This new breed of incentive-driven advertising from ClickWatchWin is
delivering real traffic far beyond what we've seen through traditional
online advertising," said Peter Mancini of the Mortgage Centre. "Users
appear to be spending hours playing on the site if our recent traffic count
increases are an indication. Most importantly they have requested our
mortgage services as a result."
    The contest will take place between June 1 and November 30, 2006. The
site went live to a preview audience in May 2006, and has already
registered more than 30,000 users and given away more than $5,000 in
    "ClickWatchWin has introduced a truly professional contest leveraging
the online pixel phenomenon. 1for15 opens new doors for advertising on the
Internet, and consumers love the idea of a high-end contest site backed by
top brand advertisers," said Jamie Collins of InterFaithPower, a
faith-based affinity group providing gas and electrical fixed terms
contracts that benefit both members and charities. "Results have been great
as we have been experiencing a dramatic increase in web traffic directly
linked to this advertising."
    In addition to all the prizes that 1for15 will give away to
contestants, the site carries a fun and unique opportunity for advertisers
to sponsor their own contests as well. Four "anchor" advertisers can launch
contests of their own in large spaces reserved on the million pixel board.
    Advertisers buy individual blocks (10 pixels by 10 pixels) which serve
as the gateway to an advertiser's rich media content. When a user clicks
any pixel within the block, they trigger the advertiser's content,
displayed as a semi-transparent overlay covering the entire contest grid
for a full 15 second period. Advertisers leverage this one-on-one
communication with the consumer to run videos, movie trailers, brand
awareness advertisements, new product announcements and more. Options for
real-time feedback and response provide advertisers with key data to
    Media content runs for the duration of the contest, and advertisers can
swap out or edit the ad content throughout the duration of the contest.
Pricing is extremely competitive, with a one-time fee starting at $300. The
cost is a fraction of what some sites charge for a 1-week text link. There
are no charges for click-through traffic, and the ads are guaranteed to run
the life of the contest.
    Premium package options offer additional opportunity to advertisers.
Premium advertisers can submit additional creatives, which can be either
rotated evenly, or targeted to a demographic segment (age or location of
contestants). The premium package also provides the opportunity for an
advertiser to have a contest within the 1for15 contest system, such as
prize giveaways to random viewers, or to the Xth viewer of a given week.
    About ClickWatchWin
    ClickWatchWin is a leading provider of incentive-driven online
contests. Its 1for15 site is a promotional contest portal designed to
provide a tangible ROI to advertisers and a good value to consumer
contestants. For more information visit, or
try out the current contest at
    All trademarks are the property of their respective owner.

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