Morton Salt Girl Sweepstakes and Instant Win Game

June 2, 2006

In the first century Roman soldiers
were paid with salt, "salarium argentum" meaning salt money, from which we
take our English word, salary. This summer, salt will once again equate to
salarium argentum for seven sweepstakes winners and 1,000 instant winners.
Starting today, Morton Salt is saluting its past with the Morton Salt Girl
Sweepstakes and Instant Win Game where it will award one grand prize winner
$10,000, one first prize winner $5,000, five second prize winners $500 and
1,000 instant prize winners will receive an e-gift code to or
Fandango Bucks. The promotion ends August 31.
    The Morton Salt Girl Sweepstakes is available on Players can logon daily, each time receiving
a sweepstakes entry. They will be asked a trivia question that relates to a
significant date in the history of the Morton Salt Umbrella Girl. Players
who answer correctly will receive an additional entry for the sweepstakes
drawing, which will take place on or around September 7, 2006. All players
will also have the opportunity to participate in the instant win game where
they can use their mouse to sprinkle salt over six blue round canisters of
Morton Salt. If the six Morton Girls are revealed in chronological order
(1914, 1921, 1933, 1941, 1956 and 1968) the player is an instant winner.
    In addition to the sweepstakes, Morton has rolled out a nationwide
collectible series of its traditional table salt in the blue round
canister. The collectible series will feature the current Umbrella Girl on
the front panel while the back will highlight one of the classic Morton
Umbrella Girls. The Umbrella Girl has undergone five make-overs since the
first girl was introduced in 1914.
    "Salt has never lost its popularity or relevance over the course of
world history," said Earl Thorne, director of advertising, sales promotion
and brand development at Morton. "Today, in addition to table salt,
specialty salts like coarse kosher and sea salt are becoming common place
on American spice racks. So in addition to looking forward, we wanted to
have some fun and look back, celebrate our history and thank our customers
by once again offering a little salarium argentum to over a thousand lucky
    Earlier this spring, in response to the American home cook's interest
in specialty salts, Morton announced that its high-end sea salt, harvested
off the coast of Spain, is now available nationwide and priced at roughly
$2 per pound depending on the retailer. The company has also added a
one-pound box to its popular coarse kosher salt line. The one-pound box is
designed to be more inviting to the first time user or those with a smaller
household. Morton previously only offered coarse kosher salt in a
three-pound box.
    The Chicago-based company, established in 1848, is America's authority
on salt and the leading producer of salt for grocery, water softening, ice
control, agricultural and industrial uses. Morton introduced the nation to
the Morton Umbrella Girl and her now-famous slogan, "When It Rains It
Pours," in 1914. Since that time Morton salt products have graced the
shelves of homes throughout the country.
     For More Information:
     Scott Battishill
     DDB Public Relations

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