June 21, 2006

Today the Electronic Retailing
Association (ERA), Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda
(FBLA- PBL) and the program's sponsor, Koeppel Direct, announced the winner
of a nationwide contest to find America's best young inventors. The Grand
Prize of $20,000 was awarded to Julia and Caroline La Roche, a sister team
from Fugua High School in Farmville, Virginia for their invention called
"Flea Tea," a natural herb remedy that kills fleas on cats and dogs without
any harmful side effects.
    "ERA's inventor showcase has been bringing together the newest
inventors with the biggest players in direct retailing since 1999 when the
program was launched," said Barbara Tulipane, President and CEO of the
Electronic Retailing Association. "Our industry is hopeful that this
competition has encouraged participation among future business leaders in
celebration of America's entrepreneurship."
    The National Invention Showcase was a competition open exclusively to
FBLA-PBL's 250,000 members nationwide and was sponsored by Koeppel Direct,
an ERA member and a leading direct response media buying company. To ensure
protection to the inventor, all submissions were required to have a patent-
secured or a patent-pending on the invention idea and/or the product
itself. ERA provided detailed information on the process and offered
assistance if needed.
    "This program seemed a natural fit for our student membership," said
Jean Buckley, President and CEO of FBLA-PBL. "Today, they impressed us all
with their innovative ideas produced by America's most creative minds."
    The six finalists were also given the opportunity to spend time with
contest sponsor Peter Koeppel of Koeppel Direct, who provided tips to
success in product selection, effective direct marketing and promotion.
    "As an entrepreneur who started my own business, I am honored to be the
sponsor of this incredible program and to contribute to the future success
of these young inventors," said Peter Koeppel, Founder and CEO of Koeppel
    Inventions were judged by pre-qualified ERA members, who are actively
involved in the Invention Showcase and experts in product marketing and
distribution. Determinations were based on many characteristics, including
best product idea, best potential for production, and most ingenuity and
    Among other finalists were:

2nd Place winner Mitchell James Duffy (16 years old) from Inglemoor High
    School of Redmond, Washington for "Butter Blaster," a device that evenly
    distributes butter throughout an entire container of popcorn.

3rd Place winner Tyson Williams (18 years old) from Fruita Monument High
    School of Grand Junction, Colorado for the "Floating Gaming Table," a
    floating table top with built-in drink holders and chip tray for game
    playing in the pool or spa.

4th Place Winner Christopher Dean Messick (16 years old) from Sargent High
    School of Monte Vista, Colorado for the "Gesture System for Computer
    Interface," a device consisting of two gloves, worn by a computer user,
    which read all the movements of the hands.  Based on a gesturing system, a
    user is able to flex the hands in different manners in order to type, move
    the pointer, and input entire phrases without ever touching the keyboard
    or mouse.

Runner-Up Julia (18 years old) and Caroline (16 years old) LaRoche from
    Fugua High School of Farmville, Virginia for "Doggy Den/Kitty Cave," a
    cozy resting spot for your pet that looks like a landscape boulder with
    heated floors.

Runner-Up James Toles (15 years old) from Savannah Arts Academy of
    Savannah, Georgia for "Photosynthelect," an educational board game
    designed to teach students about the process of photosynthesis.  Students
    sharpen their intellect while having fun.  The game includes three
    different boards, each designed to focus on the three stages of

Second, third and fourth-place winners each received $2,500.

June 21, 2006

Today at
VON Israel http://www.von.com/israel06/ , Internet Communications pioneer
and entrepreneur, Jeff Pulver, announced the winner of the "Save the Net"
Viral Ad Contest.
    "Congratulations to Chris Burke for winning the $1,000 prize in our
'Save the Net' Viral Ad Contest. We intend to use the submission to spread
the word in policy circles to ensure that government crafts policy that
best advances the open Internet to allow for maximum creativity and
innovation," stated Pulver.
    Chris' winning entry is available at:
    Pulver also announced the launch of Round II of the "Save the Net"
Contest, with an even larger prize of $5,000. Submissions may consist of
videos, songs, poems, cartoons, flash media, or any other clever ideas that
could demonstrate what the Internet could become with a user-empowering
policy framework. Resubmissions or revised submissions are acceptable. The
goal is to get as many cool ideas out there as possible, to harness the
individual and collective genius of the Internet community, to show
policymakers and the public what the open Internet could become through
end-user empowerment, and to become a marketing force to advance the open
    Please make submissions to http://www.pulver.com/savethenet by August
31, 2006. The winner will be announced at Fall VON - http://www.von.com in
Boston, September 11-14, 2006.
    About Jeff Pulver
    Jeff Pulver is one of the true pioneers of the Internet telephony/VoIP
industry with more than a decade of hands-on experience in IP
Communications and innovation. He is the chairman of pulver.com,
pulvermedia, the industry standard VON conferences, and the publisher of
The Pulver Report and VON magazine. Additionally, Mr. Pulver is the founder
of a number of IP Communications companies. Mr. Pulver has testified before
the FCC, the United States Congress, and numerous agencies that have a
growing interest in IP Communications. Mr. Pulver is committed to the
future of IP Communications and is featured often in the media as a true
expert in his field.
A new online contest portal,
ClickWatchWin, is professionalizing the million pixel phenomenon with the
introduction of 1for15, the first online contest built around the
consumption of third-party rich media. Spearheading an evolution in online
advertising, the 1for15 contest ties the consumption of television-quality
online video advertising to contest-driven incentives that ensure
exclusive, captive communication with contestants. The contest is backed by
leading advertisers, and will give away prizes including computers, college
tuition, new cars and cash, including the grand prize contest -- a chance
to win a million dollars in just 15 seconds.
    "Banner ads work, but there is a more effective way to reach and impact
key demographics, particularly young adults and college students," said
Julio Cacoilo, CEO of 1for15. "Consumers want to interact with advertising
on their own terms, and our incentives help capture their attention,
yielding tangible ROI and significantly higher brand retention. 1for15 was
designed from the ground up to provide good value to both contestants and
advertisers, and competing is fun."
    1for15.com -- Delivering Captive Audience and Key Demographic Results
    This first-of-its-kind contest combines the best features of a prize
and marketing site to bring families and friends together to rally and win
prizes. Entering is easy-consumers simply register at 1for15.com and are
taken to the contest board. Consumers can click anywhere on the contest
board, where they watch a short, 15 second advertising video or sponsorship
description. One pixel each day will be randomly selected as the winning
pixel, and all users that click on that pixel will have a chance to win a
prize. Registered consumers play as often as they wish, and every time they
click a new pixel, they watch another ad and have another chance to win.
    "This new breed of incentive-driven advertising from ClickWatchWin is
delivering real traffic far beyond what we've seen through traditional
online advertising," said Peter Mancini of the Mortgage Centre. "Users
appear to be spending hours playing on the site if our recent traffic count
increases are an indication. Most importantly they have requested our
mortgage services as a result."
    The contest will take place between June 1 and November 30, 2006. The
site went live to a preview audience in May 2006, and has already
registered more than 30,000 users and given away more than $5,000 in
    "ClickWatchWin has introduced a truly professional contest leveraging
the online pixel phenomenon. 1for15 opens new doors for advertising on the
Internet, and consumers love the idea of a high-end contest site backed by
top brand advertisers," said Jamie Collins of InterFaithPower, a
faith-based affinity group providing gas and electrical fixed terms
contracts that benefit both members and charities. "Results have been great
as we have been experiencing a dramatic increase in web traffic directly
linked to this advertising."
    In addition to all the prizes that 1for15 will give away to
contestants, the site carries a fun and unique opportunity for advertisers
to sponsor their own contests as well. Four "anchor" advertisers can launch
contests of their own in large spaces reserved on the million pixel board.
    Advertisers buy individual blocks (10 pixels by 10 pixels) which serve
as the gateway to an advertiser's rich media content. When a user clicks
any pixel within the block, they trigger the advertiser's content,
displayed as a semi-transparent overlay covering the entire contest grid
for a full 15 second period. Advertisers leverage this one-on-one
communication with the consumer to run videos, movie trailers, brand
awareness advertisements, new product announcements and more. Options for
real-time feedback and response provide advertisers with key data to
    Media content runs for the duration of the contest, and advertisers can
swap out or edit the ad content throughout the duration of the contest.
Pricing is extremely competitive, with a one-time fee starting at $300. The
cost is a fraction of what some sites charge for a 1-week text link. There
are no charges for click-through traffic, and the ads are guaranteed to run
the life of the contest.
    Premium package options offer additional opportunity to advertisers.
Premium advertisers can submit additional creatives, which can be either
rotated evenly, or targeted to a demographic segment (age or location of
contestants). The premium package also provides the opportunity for an
advertiser to have a contest within the 1for15 contest system, such as
prize giveaways to random viewers, or to the Xth viewer of a given week.
    About ClickWatchWin
    ClickWatchWin is a leading provider of incentive-driven online
contests. Its 1for15 site is a promotional contest portal designed to
provide a tangible ROI to advertisers and a good value to consumer
contestants. For more information visit http://www.ClickWatchWin.com, or
try out the current contest at http://www.1for15.com.
    All trademarks are the property of their respective owner.
Let's be honest; we've all had that
painful moment when we've had to hand over our license to a police officer
and explain why we were doing, er, extra-legal speed. Every so often, the
right words pop out of your mouth that touches the officer's heart and gets
you off with no more than a warning. Maybe you'd like to share that special
story with the readers of TheCarConnection.com. The best -- real -- excuse
will win some big prizes, including the hot new Garmin StreetPilot 2730
navigation/traffic/XM/MP3 system, as part of the 3rd Speeding Excuses
    It's easy to enter. Just visit TheCarConnection at
http://www.thecarconnection.com for complete rules and the entry form.
    There are plenty of other reasons to visit TheCarConnection.com this
week. Catch spy shots of the GMC Acadia SUV/crossover, as well as a sneak
peek at the new BMW M3 Coupe.
    Check out TheCarConnection's test drive of the next-generation Acura
RDX and Nissan's new NISMO Frontier.
    Then find out more about the odd NASCAR-Scientology connection - it's
on our blog, TCConfidential.
    Rising fuel prices and concerns about global warming are increasing
interest in alternate technology, like fuel cells and hybrid-electric
vehicles, along with alternative fuels, such as ethanol, diesel and
hydrogen. Join TheCarConnection.com as it visits the 8th Challenge
Bibendum, the Parisian gathering of some of the world's cleanest and most
fuel-efficient automotive technology. Is there a "silver bullet" in the
auto industry's future?
    In business news, get more on the situation at Delphi, which is still
staggering under Chapter 11 paperwork. See what's shaking as a shaken-up
United Auto Workers Union meets to elect new leaders. And find out why
Buick is betting big on the Enclave.
    Let OnSite Mechanic Bob Weber answer your questions about servicing and
maintaining your car.
    Get accurate pricing information and great dealer quotes. Find where
J.D. Power's quality circles rank your favorite car, truck or crossover.
    Sign up for TCC's free newsletters, including award-winning Daily
    Web users can access TheCarConnection through the PR Newswire site
http://www.prnewswire.com .
The American Concrete Pavement
Association (ACPA) today announced its launch of the "Great American Family
Road Trip" Essay Contest, inspired by this summer's 50th Anniversary of the
U.S. Interstate Highway System and the beginning of vacation travel.
    On June 16, a convoy of U.S. military vehicles will leave San Francisco
and follow the 3,250 mile route of the 1919 First Transcontinental Motor
Train through 13 states before reaching Washington, D.C. June 29, as part
of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials'
anniversary celebration of today's interstate highway system.
    Families also are celebrating their summer ritual of vacation travel as
they head out to the highways to enjoy fun, sun and summer recreation.
    To promote how the Interstate highway enables families to vacation
together, ACPA created the "Great American Family Road Trip Essay Contest"
to encourage travelers to recall family vacation experiences -- including
how concrete pavements factored into those experiences -- while driving
across America or to a favorite vacation destination.
    From June 16, 2006 through September 4, 2006, contestants will have the
chance to enter a 500-word essay about a family road trip to win one of
several prizes: a $500 gas gift card; a $250 gas gift card; a $100 gas gift
card; and two $50 gift cards. Ten entrants, whose essays will be deemed
Honorable Mentions, will be awarded road atlases. To enter the contest and
download the official entry blank, visitors can click on the link for
"Great American Family Road Trip Essay Contest" at http://www.pavement.com
    Concrete pavements were and are a pivotal part of the Interstate
highway system and the American travel experience. Nearly 300 million cubic
yards of durable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly concrete was used
to create the original Interstate system, according to Gerald F. Voigt,
ACPA president and chief executive officer.
    Today, concrete is the paving material of choice for many motorists,
roadbuilders, and departments of transportation as the only environmentally
friendly pavement designed to reduce congestion associated with the
perpetual repairs, maintenance, and reconstruction associated with
petroleum-based asphalt pavements. Concrete gets motorists where they need
to go safely, quickly, and stress-free.
    ACPA is the national trade association for the concrete pavement
industry. The primary mission of the ACPA and its affiliated chapter/state
network is to advocate the use of concrete pavements in highways,
airfields, and roadways throughout the United States.
    NOTE: No purchase is necessary. The Great American Family Road Trip is
sponsored by the American Concrete Pavement Association and is open to
legal residents of the United States, 21 years of age or older as of
6/16/06. Void where prohibited by law. For rules, visit
http://www.pavement.com . Starts at 12:01 a.m. CST on 06/16/06 and ends at
5:00 p.m. CST on 09/04/06.
USATODAY.com, a leading news and
information website, announces the Travel "Sweetspot" Sweepstakes. Visitors
who go to http://www.sweetspot.usatoday.com can enter for a chance to win
the grand prize package of a three-day trip for four to their choice of
ESPN Golf Schools in Las Vegas, Nev., Scottsdale, Ariz., or Toronto, Canada
by simply registering to receive the free USATODAY.com Travel e-mail.
    The "Sweetspot" Sweepstakes' grand prize package includes: tuition for
four to the ESPN Golf Schools Three-Day Resort School (includes golf
equipment, observation and evaluation, a video tape of individual
instruction, daily breakfast and lunch with the instructional staff, and
complimentary resort spa services), two nights accommodations at a Starwood
(Sheraton or Aladdin) hotel, and roundtrip airfare for four provided by
Orbitz.com. The "Sweetspot" Sweepstakes also features a viral, interactive
golf game that challenges users to "find the sweetspot" and hit a virtual
    By signing up for USATODAY.com Travel's free e-mail newsletter,
subscribers will receive travel advice from expert columnists, the latest
air travel news, destination guides to major cities and hot spots, and top
travel deals. Whether subscribers are planning their next vacation or just
need a last-minute quick getaway, the USATODAY.com Travel newsletter will
save them time and money.
    "USATODAY.com Travel users have a real affinity to golf; the Sweetspot
Sweepstakes is our way of connecting their interests in travel and golf to
offer a fun sweepstakes along with our useful daily travel e-mail
newsletter," said Laryssa Kundanmal, director of marketing for
USATODAY.com. "Industry leaders like ESPN Golf Schools, Orbitz and Starwood
hotels have helped us put together great prize packages for the sweepstakes
    The sweepstakes runs through June 26, 2006. USATODAY.com Travel will
notify winners no later than June 29, 2006. Official rules can be found at
It's a universal truth -- every home
cook has a specialty. Whether it's mom's super secret chocolate chip cookie
recipe or your own unique update on macaroni and cheese, Allrecipes.com,
America's largest community site of home cooks, knows you've got the goods
and is giving you an opportunity to shine in the first annual America's Top
Recipe Contest. Together with USA WEEKEND, AllRecipes.com will kick-off the
online contest on Friday, May 19 and begin a national search for the best,
original recipes in America and honor the everyday cooks behind them. The
grand prize winner will walk away with national bragging rights and
    "Allrecipes.com is essentially the world's largest test kitchen. The
site showcases tried-and-true recipes from the kitchens of America's home
cooks and provides a place for millions of families to turn to in their
search for proven recipes," said Esmee Williams, vice president marketing
and partner affairs. "We are thrilled to team up with USA WEEKEND and give
the talented cooks behind our favorite recipes a chance to shine on a
national stage."
    Starting on May 19 creative, eager home cooks can access contest
details, including the five competition categories (International, Holiday
Family Favorite, Kid Pleaser, Healthy Pleasures and Super Quick Suppers),
rules and regulations and submission details at
http://www.allrecipes.com/contest/. Submissions will be accepted online or via
U.S. mail until midnight (EDT) Friday, July 7. Following the closure of
entries, the culinary professionals at Allrecipes.com will begin the tasty
process of preparing, sampling and judging recipes with the ultimate goal
of narrowing the competition to the top five contenders per category.
Recipes will be judged according to four criteria -- taste, originality,
visual appeal and adherence to category description. Category finalists
will be announced at Allrecipes.com on Monday, September 18.
    Final judging will take place at the Allrecipes.com test kitchen in the
company's hometown of Seattle. A judging panel will be comprised of four
career foodies including culinary columnist for USA WEEKEND and cookbook
author, Pam Anderson; Allrecipes.com food editor, Carl Hanson; and two
other judges yet to be determined. The panel will taste and rate all five
category winners to determine the grand prize winning recipe. The $10,000
grand prize winner, along with the five category finalists, will be
announced in the November 10-12 issue of USA WEEKEND. Category winners will
receive a complete set of Allrecipes.com Tried-and-True cookbooks and an
Allrecipes.com cooking spoon - a nearly $200 value.
    Full details on contest categories, rules and regulations and
submission details will be available at http://www.allrecipes.com/contest/ on May

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
today announced its selection of ten finalists in the “Name The Blimp”
contest. Last month, the tire manufacturer asked America to suggest a name
for its newest airship, and more than 21,000 unique names were submitted.
The contest, which offers consumers a chance to win the use of the Goodyear
blimp for a day, averaged 1,064 unique names every day and created a
groundswell of participation from around the country.
(Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20060410/CLM026 )
(Logo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20050204/GTLOGO )
“We were thrilled by the tremendous response both in quantity and
quality of the submissions,” said Chuck Sinclair, senior vice president of
global communications for Goodyear. “There were several emerging themes
that illustrate the passion that the American public has for our iconic
According to Sinclair, the judges received such a wide variety of
creative, funny and touching name submissions that it was a challenge to
narrow it down to only ten names. “America has given us its nominations.
Now it’s time to vote,” he added.
A panel of expert judges selected ten finalist names based on their
ability to reflect the storied history of the Goodyear airship, its long
tradition of public service, the grace and majesty of air flight, and
Goodyear’s history of innovation and progress. The ten names are, in
alphabetical order:

1. American Dream 6. Pride of America
2. Freedom 7. Spirit of Endurance
3. Liberty 8. Spirit of Ingenuity
4. Patriot 9. Spirit of Innovation
5. Patriot of Peace 10. The Spirit of Peace
This list has been posted on the official contest website
http://www.nametheblimp.com, which will serve as the site for public voting. One
vote per valid email address is permitted. Voting will take place until
11:59 pm, May 31, 2006. Complete contest rules can be found on the website.
Potential names were received from each of the eligible 48 States and
the District of Columbia. Ohio, the birthplace of the new blimp and home to
Goodyear’s airship operations, submitted the most names with 6,868.
California followed with 3,493 and Florida with 1,804.
This contest marks the first time in the 81-year history of Goodyear’s
airship program that the public has been given a chance to select the name
of one of its iconic blimps. The winning name will be announced in mid-June
during a gala christening ceremony at Goodyear’s airship base near Akron.
The person submitting the winning name will be awarded the Grand Prize: use
of the Goodyear blimp for a day. Those submitting the other nine finalist
names each receive a new set of Goodyear tires.
Goodyear’s blimp program began in 1925, when the Company built its
first helium-filled public relations airship, the Pilgrim. In 1928,
then-Chairman P.W. Litchfield began the tradition of naming its North
American-based blimps after winners of the America’s Cup yacht race. The
tradition continued over most of the program’s 80-year history, with just a
few exceptions. A list of winners from past America’s Cup races whose names
Goodyear selected for its airship fleet includes: Stars & Stripes,
Columbia, Ranger, Rainbow, Enterprise, Resolute, Reliance, Defender,
Vigilant, Volunteer, Mayflower, Puritan, and America. Within the past 40
years, Goodyear has selected other non-Cup winner names to grace the sides
of its blimps. Those names included Europa, Spirit of Akron, Spirit of
Goodyear and Eagle.
Contest Details
The list of ten finalist names was posted on the official
http://www.nametheblimp.com contest web site at 12:01 am ET on May 7th, 2006,
officially kicking off the public, online voting period to help select the
final winning name for the blimp. The online voting period ends promptly at
11:59 p.m. ET on May 31, 2006. The name with the highest score from this
popular voting combined with the votes of a panel of Goodyear
representatives, will determine the winning name. For complete details and
official rules, go to http://www.nametheblimp.com.
About The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Goodyear is the world’s largest tire company. The company manufactures
tires, engineered rubber products and chemicals in more than 90 facilities
in 28 countries around the world. Goodyear employs about 80,000 people
worldwide. For more information on Goodyear’s tires, go to

Verizon Wireless, the nation's
premier provider of wireless products and services, announced today two new
ways for international soccer fans to join in the fun as the action heats
up during the world's biggest soccer tournament. Through the company's
relationship with Univision, Verizon Wireless is inviting customers to play
a fantasy soccer game "Elige a tus Goleadores!" (Select Your Strikers/Goal
Scorers), test their knowledge with the World Cup Trivia Sweepstakes and
keep up-to-date on tournaments news and events with TXT Alerts. These three
new offerings are in addition to Verizon Wireless' existing international
soccer content that includes exclusive mobile video clips, recaps and
highlights of Spanish-language coverage of "Copa Mundial de la FIFA
Alemania 2006" -- the most important competition in international soccer.
    "Elige a tus Goleadores!"
    Verizon Wireless' "Elige a tus Goleadores!" makes it fun for
international soccer fans to live vicariously through their favorite
players. The mobile soccer game lets customers select up to five teams with
six strikers online to form their fantasy teams; once the players are
selected and the competition begins, customers receive TXT Alerts on how
their players are performing and their standing in the tournament,
      * Goals - Get notified every time one of the six selected players
        scores a goal

* My Points and Ranking On Demand - Send the word "GOL" to receive the
        total points scored each day and their overall ranking against all

* Player Updates - Receive notification every time a player has been
        added or removed from the list
    To play "Elige a tus Goleadores!" players simply send a TXT Message to
"3399" from a TXT Messaging-capable Verizon Wireless phone to schedule TXT
Alerts. The grand prize includes a trip to Miami to appear on "Republica
Deportiva," a jersey from the winner's favorite team and a V CAST-enabled
Samsung SCH-A950 phone with $100 Verizon Wireless gift card. Other prizes
include three first-place prizes of a V CAST-enabled Samsung SCH-A950 phone
with $100 Verizon Wireless gift card and a jersey from the winner's
favorite team, plus 32 second-place prizes of a V CAST-enabled Samsung
SCH-A950 phone with $100 Verizon Wireless gift card.
    Registration for "Elige a tus Goleadores!" is now open at
http://www.verizonwireless.com/alemania2006 and at
http://www.univision.com; the game coincides with the world's biggest
soccer games this summer taking place in Germany from June 9 - July 9,
2006. Standard TXT Messaging rates apply.
    World Cup Trivia Sweepstakes
    International soccer fans can test their knowledge in the World Cup
Trivia Sweepstakes, running now through June 12, 2006. Customers will
receive two trivia questions sent daily to their phones via TXT Message --
they can elect to receive the trivia questions in either English or
Spanish. To play, simply send the word "COPA" to short code "2299" from a
TXT Messaging-capable Verizon Wireless phone. Correct answers earn players
two entries into the sweepstakes; an incorrect answer earns one entry.
Verizon Wireless is offering five first- place prizes that include a 50"
plasma television; there are also 15 second- place prizes of a V
CAST-enabled Samsung SCH-A950 phone and a $100 Verizon Wireless gift card.
Customers can end their participation in the trivia sweepstakes by sending
the keyword "STOP" to "2299." Standard TXT Messaging rates apply.
    TXT Alerts to Keep Customers In The Game
    International soccer fans can also keep up-to-date with TXT Alerts sent
directly to their Verizon Wireless phones. To sign up, simply go to
http://www.verizonwireless.com/alemania2006 or send a TXT Message with
"COPA" to short code "2299" to receive alerts on the following:
      * Polls - Get the latest polls sent to the phone; polls run once a week
        until May 15, then twice a week through July 9

* News - Receive a news roundup once a week until May 15 and then twice
        a week through July 9

* TV schedules - Get the television schedule for every game between
        June 9 and July 9

* Scores - Select up to five teams to track and get an update every time
        the selected team(s) score a goal during the competition

* Match results - Choose up to five teams and receive first-half and
        end-of-match results for each game the teams play during the duration
        of the competition

Standard TXT Messaging rates apply.
    For more information about Verizon Wireless products and services,
visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go
to http://www.verizonwireless.com.
    About Verizon Wireless
    Verizon Wireless owns and operates the nation's most reliable wireless
network, serving 53 million voice and data customers. Headquartered in
Bedminster, NJ, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon
Communications (NYSE: VZ) and Vodafone (NYSE and LSE: VOD). Find more
information on the Web at http://www.verizonwireless.com. To preview and
request broadcast-quality video footage and high-resolution stills of
Verizon Wireless operations, log on to the Verizon Wireless Multimedia
Library at http://www.verizonwireless.com/multimedia.
Target today announced a
sweepstakes for children across the country to enter to win their very own
reading clubhouse, designed by famous storybook illustrator J. Otto
Seibold. The clubhouse is a visually stunning, 36 inches wide by 48 inches
long by 54 inches high, kid-friendly, storybook-decorated freestanding
cardboard structure -- the perfect getaway for reading and book club
meetings. The sweepstakes is part of the Target Ready. Sit. Read! program
which encourages a love of reading early in life.
    Five grand prize winners will each receive the custom clubhouse as well
as a $500 Target GiftCard. One hundred first place prize winners also will
be awarded the clubhouse and 1,400 second place winners will each receive a
$10 Target GiftCard. Children can enter the sweepstakes from June 4 to July
31, 2006 by visiting Target.com/readysitread.
    "The Target Clubhouse Sweepstakes will give children the perfect space
to enjoy books, read with friends and family and host book club meetings,"
said Laysha Ward, vice president, community relations, Target. "This
compliments our recently launched online Parent/Child Book Club and our
overall goal of encouraging a love of reading at an early age."
    Target first collaborated with illustrator J. Otto Seibold to create
the characters for the Target Parent/Child Book Club Web site, an online
destination with dozens of tools and incentives aimed at getting children
and adults to plunge into books together. The clubhouse J. Otto Seibold
designed is a colorful, freestanding house sure to brighten any yard. The
one-room house sports a bay window, dormer and skylight. There is a banner
on the roof, a functioning windometer and a clock in the gable. There is
even a convenient peephole in the door.
    When children and families join the Target Parent/Child Book Club
online at Target.com/readysitread, they also will receive a free starter
kit. The colorful kits double as backpacks and include much of what's
available online, from information on how to host a book club to bookmarks
and coupons. The site also features experts' monthly book picks, tips for
hosting club meetings and book discounts.
    The Ready. Sit. Read! Clubhouse Sweepstakes and the Target Parent/Child
Book Club are part of the Target national Ready. Sit. Read! campaign, aimed
at encouraging a love of reading among children at an early age. Developed
in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, Ready. Sit. Read!
puts books in the hands of parents through pediatrician visits, sponsors a
national writing contest in partnership with the Library of Congress and
supports book festivals across the country.
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